Thursday, May 17, 2018

Black - Paradise (A&M)

Considering this is meant to be a song all about paradise, Mr Colin Vearncombe doesn't sound to be having a very good time at all. Mostly he "woah oh woah oh's" in a rather unenthusiastic manner to a not terribly jolly "beat" that's very similar to "Wonderful Life" and "Sweetest Smile". Perhaps he was suffering from a nasty bout of bellyache when he recorded it. Or perhaps he's just a bit of a sad soul... (Sue Dando, Smash Hits, December 30, 1987)

As with all of Black's slower songs, the percussion track immediately grabs your attention. As long as he steers clear of James Hamilton disco territory, he can't really fail. (Lawrence Donegan, Record Mirror, January 9, 1988)

Great Lines: 'Life should never feel small', sings Colin. And he is correct.

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